Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Impeach him now before he can do anymore damage

I'm with Bruce Fein ... President Bush needs to be impeached. Not only is he lawless ... he's delusional. Those two don't mix well.

The LA Times reports that President Bush believes that Vietnam teaches us that we can't withdraw troops from Iraq. First, consider that the administration has been saying for years now that Iraq isn't Vietnam but is now saying that Iraq IS Vietnam. Then, after that sinks in, consider the insanity of using that comparison to say we should stay in Iraq.

Yes, the withdrawal from Vietnam was painful and difficult. That was the price that had to be paid for our mission failure. We will eventually have to pay a similar price in Iraq, as military historian Martin van Creveld already pointed out about three years ago.

Maybe instead of inviting talk radio hosts who are as disconnected from reality as he is to the White House the President should spend some time with a real student of history like maybe Barbara Tuchman.

For more commentary on our President's craziness, see Joshua Marshall.

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