Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"It's time to charge the Democratic Party with treason"

So says the former resident of Michelle Malkin's blogroll Matt Margolis.

Hm ... treason is punishable by death ... I wonder if Margolis believes the entire Democratic Party should get the full punishment of death or some lesser prison sentence for "persecut[ing]" "those who try to protect this country."

Oh, and may as well charge me with treason, too; seeing that I believe that the President frauding the country into war with Iraq and authorizing illegal surveillance of US citizens are impeachable offenses.

It fits, as I discovered from watching Malkin host The O'Reilly Factor that I traffic in hate worse than Michael Savage because I use profanity. At least that was the argument she used on Juan Williams ... yet her brain wasn't able to comprehend the incoherence of her position when Williams pointed out that Dick Cheney has also used profanity yet she doesn't consider him a hate-monger. Here's a tip for Juan Williams: you've got to put it into a slogan for Malkin to understand something. She has difficulty thinking otherwise.

So fuck, I guess I'm a fucking hater because I say fuck and sometimes I might say something like "fuck you, you fucking asshole." That's hate, pure and simple. So says the woman who has said that the Americans who were put into concentration camps on the basis of their ethnicity had it coming.

And to reinforce her assertion that the "nutroots" Daily Kos is a hate site, Malkin had on one of her blog moderators, Rick Moran - a guy that has said that I'm a liar and/or a plagiarist because he finds it inconceivable that there is any adult in the United States who doesn't follow politics enough to know that you shouldn't read Ann Coulter to get more politcally informed and suggests that instead someone should pick up a magazine. Yeah, like maybe the issue of Time magazine I explicitly referenced in the post he was responding to which did a huge white-wach cover story on Ann Coulter depicting her as a significant political figure in America? Also, he thinks that while she's offensive (but not eliminationist), Coulter is intelligent and witty ("has a first class mind" ). Yeah, tell that to the Pope. Or the Bush appointed conservative judge in the Dover decision who she character assasinates in Godless because he shoots a whole in her idiotic "evolution is liberal mythology" nonsense that comprises the bulk of that book. Dave Neiwert responded to that at length.

But I think my favorite part is where Moran puts quotes around the Propaganda Critic website and then treats it (and the concept of 'name-calling') as suspect even though the section I had quoted from the website was itself taken from The Institute for Propaganda Analysis.

Oh yeah, guess who else doesn't know who Ann Coulter is? My mother. So Moran can go fuck himself (sorry, that's my hate talking, if I was more respectable and could engage in civic discourse I'd confine myself to charging my political opponents with a crime punishable by death and revising history to justify my prejudices against Muslims ... guess I've fallen victim to the "Kos-ification of public discourse" - damn those Malkin slogans are catchy!) if he has anything derogatory to say about her ignorance of Coulter.

Have a pleasant day!

Update: Charge Reason magazine with treason, too!

Update 2: I was remiss in that I didn't point out another example in what seems to be the boundless depths of Bill O'Reilly's wrongness. In the course of O'Reilly's campaign against Daily Kos, he has said to one guest who brought up Coulter that she doesn't have anything to do with Republicans and that Daily Kos is different because Democratic presidential candidates are legitimizing the "hate" of Kos by appearing at Yearly Kos. One need only watch the video all the way through to see how wrong O'Reilly is.


spocko said...

I was talking to Gina Cooper about the Bill O'Reilly campaign to say that Daily Kos was a hate site and I suggested that she say, "Bill O'Reilly has no business lecturing anyone about hate. If he were a student in my class and said some of the things he said I would have sent him to the principle's office."

Hume's Ghost said...

I had to goole 'Gina Cooper' as I didn't know who she is.

I'd suggest that were she to state that, she should then follow up with pointing out that he's characterized New World Order conspiracist Pat Robertson as a "traditional" American. I'm guessing O'Reilly isn't familiar with the part of Robertson's book where he suggests Lincoln's assasination was part of the Satanic Jewish conspiracy to create a one-world government.

Sheldon said...

The Satanic Jewish conspiracy to create a one-world government goes back to the time of Lincoln!? I had no idea!

p.s. HG, I am enjoying your ranting posts about the dangerous folly of the right. Keep it up.