Saturday, July 22, 2006

Will she live or die

No blogging today, I've committed myself to finding out if Dejah Thoris died at the end of Edgar Rice Burrough's The God of Mars or if she lived. John Carter had to wait six months to find out; I've waited four years.

Off to finish The Warlord of Mars. I'll officially mark this as my geekiest post to date.


Once again I refused a throne, for I would not believe that the mighty Tardos Mors, or his no less redoubtable son, was dead.

"Let one of their own blood rule you until they return," I said to the assembled nobles of Helium, as I addressed them from the Pedestal of Truth beside the Throne of Righteousness in the Temple of Reward, from the very spot where I had stood a year before when Zat Arras pronounced the sentence of death upon me.

As I spoke I stepped forward and laid my hand upon the shoulder of Carthoris where he stood in the front rank of the circle of nobles about me.

As one, the nobles and the people lifted their voices in a long cheer of approbation. Ten thousand swords sprang on high from as many scabbards, and the glorious fighting men of ancient Helium hailed Carthoris Jeddak of Helium.
Pulp fiction at its finest.

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