Monday, July 17, 2006

New York Slimes again!

If you had any questions what side the New York Times was on, this photograph should clear that up for you. The moonbat unhinged luny lefty leftists blabbermouths aren't content to treasonistcally treason to kill our soldiers and spy for al Qaeda. No, they also treason by treasonously treasoning aid and comfort to America's enemies by taking pictures of terrorists whom the New York not worth the Times aren't "agnostic" about. Clearly, this is another example of the treasonisms of the moonbat paper pushing propaganda for the enemy in an effort to aid and abet the enemy's efforts to kill our soldiers and you. How much longer will America stand for the moonbat Slimes treasonistically undermining every single effort that the US has taken to fight terrorists? It's clear that the blabbermouth Pulitzer for treason treasoners are spying for al Qaeda, revealing to them that the NSA no longer abides by the 1978 law which prohibits the government from spying on US citizens without a warrant and that the temporary emergency power to track financial records, which President Bush announced he would do five years ago, had become a permanent Presidential power without congressional approval. What possible intention could the treasonistic Times have by publishing this photograph other than to kill US soldiers and you? If the Times was on our side, they would be publishing pictures of photographers bravely beating snipers to death with their cameras, like any real patriot would say he would do from the comfort of his home in the United States of America, instead of cowardly taking the pictures of an enemy that most Americans have little understanding of and an enemy that has a habit of capturing journalists and cutting their heads off.

Also included in the slideshow celebrating terrorists was this photo, another clear instance of the Times treasonally siding with our enemies in WWII. This photo giving aid and comfort to the Viet Cong. This photo where the pervert Times uses child pornography to treasonously comfort the enemy in Vietnam. This photo celebrating the death of a New York police officer as a result of the 9/11 attacks. But most disgusting of all is this photo, clearly an attempt to blabber to al Qaeda what kind of car Karl Rove drives in the hopes that al Qaeda will kill Karl Rove in his car.

There is no question any longer, the New York Times is clearly on the side of the enemy. They are actively treasoning to aid and comfort the enemy's efforts to kill our soldiers and you. The only question that remains is how much longer can we abide the dangerous treasonality of this Bush Derangement Syndrome infected objectively pro-terrorist propaganda mouthpiece.

H/t Michelle Malkin.

Update: Some unhinged leftist moonbats, obviously blinded by their Bush Derangement Syndrome to the objectively demonstratable fact that is the treasonamity of the seditious treasonental Times, have taken to attacking and slandering Michelle by accusing her of taking the treasonamolous Bill Keller's treasonating confession that the Slimes is on the side of terrorists out of context. Thankfully, a commenter provided a link to the transcript from which Keller's statement was taken which completely vindicates Michelle.

Here is how the statement was presented in Michelle's Hot Air video after Michelle demonstrated that the New Jerk Slimes is objectively pro-terrorist as an answer to her rhetorical question about what side the treasontantaful Slimes is on.

If you're under the impression that the press is neutral in this war on terror, or that we're agnostic, that couldn't be more wrong.
And now this is how the full quote appears in the transcript.

I guess I would say if you're under the impression that the press is neutral in this war on terror, or that we're agnostic--and you could get that impression from some of the criticism--that couldn't be more wrong. We have people traveling in the frontlines with soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. We've had people who've been murdered in trying to figure out the terrorist threat. You know, we live in cities that are targets, proven targets, for the terrorists. So we--we're not neutral in this.
See? Same exact difference. Only an unhinged moonbat who hates America wouldn't be able to tell Keller is clearly confessing that the Slimes is treasonatically on the side of the terrorists.

You know what I'll say when all of the treasonable treasoners at the Slimes are in prison, sent to Gitmo, renditioned to a country on our State Dept.'s list of countries that engage in torture, or executed for their treason? Boo-freakin-hoo.


Anonymous said...

Omigod, HG. I don't suppose you can really parody MM's swill, but this was a pretty good stab at it.

Scared the hell out of me for a moment, too, I have to admit.

Alan said...

I read all the comments at LGF. Scary.