Friday, November 28, 2008

Why he became an atheist

When I first noticed the "Atheism" subsection of the Philosophy section at the local Barnes and Noble one of the first books in the section that caught my attention was Why I Became an Atheist by John Loftus. It jumped out at me because I recognized Loftus from the blog roll of The Secular Outpost.

I haven’t yet read the book but am pleased to see that an outline of the book’s argument – "Why I Am Not a Christian" - is now available at the Secular Web’s modern library. It is fairly comprehensive (while still being concise) and is written from the perspective of a former Christian believer who now finds the evidence for and idea of a God lacking. As Loftus puts it

From all of this [examination of claims of the Bible] I conclude that Christianity is a delusion that should be rejected. More specifically, Christianity makes a very large truth claim that cannot be reasonably defended on the basis of the available evidence. In addition, I describe why I am an atheist and what it means to live life without God. My entire case is a fairly comprehensive one, a complete case, from start to finish, from a former insider to the Christian faith.

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