Thursday, November 06, 2008

That ain't Breaking News!

Well, I now have confirmation that in addition to Fox and MSNBC, CNN also abuses the "Breaking News" chyron to sensationalize normal news programming. Yesterday I turned to Anderson Cooper to see this up on the screen:

Breaking News
Obama Makes History
Now Working on Transition to Power

Really? The president-elect is working on filling his administration and preparing to take office? Gee whiz! That sure is some "breaking news!" Look, your pre-scheduled topic of discussion on your show is not breaking news.

Someone tuning in a second later than I did would have been greeted by this chyron:

Breaking News
David Gergen
CNN Political Analyst

Followed by succesive "Breaking News" that the guests scheduled to appear on the program were on the program. My favorite was the schizophrenic chryon that was up while Paul Begala was talking ... it immediately switched through four of five third line titles (e.g. CNN Contributor, Former Clinton Advisor, etc.)

This seems like a pratice ripe for mockery on The Daily Show.

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