Saturday, November 01, 2008

McCain surrogate uses AM urban legend as argument

John Cole is correct, this is indicative of the complete intellectual rot of the Republican Party.

Did it ever occur to any of the fools circulating this nonsense that critics of extreme income inequality and the way that our tax policy concentrates wealth in the hands of a fewer and fewer people already feel that minimum wage workers are being left behind by our tax system? Or did they consider that there are individuals who may favor a portion of their taxes being used for welfare purposes yet still would not be amused by being short-changed as part of some asinine attempt to make an ideological joke?

Nevermind that no one believes that minimum wage workers should have their taxes increased to fund welfare programs, nor that Obama has made no such proposal.

Perhaps instead of letting trite anecdotes replace critical thought, they might bother reading Chapter 9 of Perfectly Legal (which can be read at that link.)

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