Friday, October 10, 2008

Turning pseudo-fascism into proto-fascism

Yesterday I flipped on Rush Limbaugh and heard him saying that the current economic problems are completely the fault of Democrats (including Jimmy Carter) and liberalism. Today at Glenn Greenwald's I read this about the idiot racists showing up at McCain rallies

And worst of all, all of this rage and this innuendo is taking place in the most volatile climate of all — one of severe economic distress and anxiety — and these mobs are increasingly becoming convinced, because the Right and the McCain/Palin campaign is leading them to believe it, that this economic crisis is the fault of the black candidate — Obama — for making banks give mortgages to racial minorities. As an email printed just now by Jonah Goldberg put it — defending someone at a McCain/Palin rally today who screamed he was “very angry” at Obama the “socialist”:

He, and the rest of the conservatives in this country are sick and tired of being taken for granted, having our money stolen by the government and given to lazy, ungrateful people who don’t contribute or produce (or often, aren’t even citizens) anything.
This scapegoating against the poor and minorities, xenophobia, and anti-"Leftism" in the midst of fears of terrorist attack and economic meltdown are creating ripe conditions for fascism to get a foothold here. Hell, the campaign is helping to normalize and legitimize malicious attacks on Obama - such as those from Jerome Corsi or Andy Martin - that are common to the extreme Stormfront white supremacist right.

What McCain is doing - selling his soul to try to become president - is dangerous. It is dangerous to the future of democracy in America.

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