Friday, October 03, 2008

Anti-intellectualism alive, well, and running the country into the ground

"I don't care what somebody on some college campus says." - George W. Bush, on being presented with a list of 192 economists and business school professors who oppose the Wall Street bailout plan


larryniven said...

No no, he wasn't speaking with the dialectal version of the phrase, he meant it literally: there exists a person and a college campus such that the person is on the college campus and Bush doesn't care what the person says. Right? Cause the alternative is that he meant it sort of as a double-positive, that he doesn't care what anyone on any college campus has to say, and he can't be that dumb, right?


Paul Sunstone said...

It isn't too surprising Bush lacks any respect for knowledge or intelligence. His only use for brains has been to abuse them. Bush missed his calling the first time his motorcade passed under a viaduct and he didn't get out to set up camp with a cheap bottle of wine.