Sunday, October 05, 2008

Did you know we're electing a new Congress pretty soon?

Whether or not you're interested in politics, it's fairly difficult to escape being saturated with presidential election coverage. But there is hardly any focus at all on Congress, despite Congress on paper being a co-equal branch of government.

There is little to no examination of the role that Congress has in relation to the office of the President, of the erosion of the balances of power and our system of checks and balances; no talk of Congress having given more and more of its Constitutionally designated duty to the President; hardly any talk about gerrymandered districts, suspect electronic voting systems, or the power of money to influence elections.

Instead of getting news analysis of the elections consisting of fact-checking of candidates claims; investigation of and evalutation of their policy positions; and the raising of issues of substance so that voters have a context in which to form their decision - instead of that we get coverage that resembles ESPN commentators following a MLB division title race, with endless speculation about who is doing well or "winning" at any given moment.

It's very frustrating to watch our hollow politics.

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