Wednesday, October 01, 2008

And so it begins ...

With the potential loss of the presidency upon the conservative movement, we new this was coming, but it's still somewhat bewildering to witness.

The liberal uses crises, real or manufactured, to expand the power of government at the expense of the individual and private property. He has spent, in earnest, 70 years evading the Constitution's limits on governmental power. If conservatives don't stand up to this, who will? If they don't offer serious alternatives that address the current circumstances AND defend the founding principles, who will?
That's Mark Levin at National Review Online on the Wall Street bail-out plan. Greenwald sufficiently mocks Levin's delusional proposition that "conservatives" are Constitutional champions, so let's consider another point.

Like Mitt Romney's RNC speech, Levin is attempting to scapegoat "the liberal" for something done by George W. Bush and Paulson - you know, the ones who have been on tv saying we're in crisis so please immediately give Paulson the powers of an economic dictator. Of course Democrats are going to be compliant, capitulating is what they do, but this still doesn't change the fact that it's Bush and Paulson who pushed the plan in the first place.

Claiming that people should vote "conservative" to preserve their Constitutional liberty from "the liberal" is a bit of demagogery worthy of Goebbels.

Update: Uh oh, another "liberal" Levin should watch out for!

MCCAIN: I just want to make a comment about the obvious issue and that is the failure of Congress to act yesterday. Its just not acceptable. […] This is just a not acceptable situation. I’m not saying this is the perfect answer. If I were dictator, which I always aspire to be, I would write it a little bit differently.

Go ahead and watch the footage of McCain at the link. I clicked on it expecting McCain to have delivered that line as a joke - it wasn't. Whether he meant it half-serious or not, that's not something that any candidate for presidate should be saying in such a cavalier manner.


C2H50H said...


Aspiring to be a dictator is something that no candidate for president should even be joking about. Yet McCain seems to have been serious.

In a sane world, where rational people made rational decisions based on factual data, that would have ended forever not only McCain's chances for the presidency, but also his political career, and he'd be forced to resign from the senate.

jermox said...

I think the video is a hilarous gaffe, I am just curious what exactly he meant by dictator. I do not wish to be an apologist for McCain; I just find it hard to believe that he meant to say that. Is he using dictator as someone who gives a dictation? I don't think that would make much sense but I wouldn't be surprised if he misused the word.