Saturday, April 12, 2008

What should Sean Hannity do?

Sean Hannity is supposed to be a Christian, but seeing as he seems to have deified Ronald Reagan, I'm not sure that he hasn't become some kind of off-shoot sect onto himself (or at least with a few other Church of Reagan members.) Which got me thinking ...

Hannity, worshipping Ronald Reagan as he does, regularly asks as a Christian might of their chosen savior: What would Reagan do?

And I'm surprised the answer hasn't occurred to the credulous Hannity, who always runs features about the supernatural and what not on his Sunday program*. He should bring on, as did Fox and Friends, John Edwards so he can speak to Reagan and give Hannity the beyond the grave guidance that he so desires.

*My all time favorite being when he had on a man who claimed to have traveled to Hell and back. The segment expressed zero skepticism.

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spocko said...

Actually this a great question. Hannity LOVES to browbeat people who support any religion except his radical from of Christianity.
The "Kill those people who might potentially kill us," Christianity.

Now we could have on a Christian that disagrees with Sean and who is not going to be browbeaten by Sean (but that is a tall order) or we can
Ask him to defend his view of Christianity in a ecumenical setting with people from other faiths. Get him out of his radio station and into a panel with real experts, where he doesn't control the mike and he has to listen to other people and defend his radical "Christian" views.

-From his radio show:
"What do you mean I worship Reagan?" (plays clip from Mark Levine saying, "Get off the phone you big dope!" cuts off caller.

--During the panel session.

"Sean we notice that you call yourself a Christian. How do you reconcile your worship of Reagan, your support of killing innocents, your inability to forgive others, your inability to love your neighbor as yourself (and by neighbor let's look at who Jesus meant by neighbor), Why do you only follow some of the teaching of Christ and not the ones that Jesus said are the most important?

Sean you seem to be using the old testament more than the new, yet you don't use ALL the old Testament, for example you have said you eat shellfish. Why is that?"
If he he couldn't hang up on you he would resort to bullying. So the person to get him would be a person that he wants to love him. The head of his faith. And that person could correct Sean and Sean couldn't attack him, unless he wanted to look like a jerk to his followers.