Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Anti-science off sets

Alonzo Fyfe at Atheist Ethicist has come up with an idea to help off-set the damage that Ben Stein's Intelligent Design Creationism propaganda film may do to scientific literarcy in America.

I would like challenge each of my readers to buy a "Truth Ticket" related to the movie "Expelled"

A "Truth Ticket" is a donation, equal to the value of a movie ticket (let's just assume $10 as a nice round number), sent to the National Center for Science Education.
Link to NCSE Donations Page

You can make a donation only, without joining, by selecting the "Donation Only" option at the bottom of the membership/donations page.

Everybody who actually buys a ticket to the movie is contributing to the funding of ignorance in America, and to the suffering that results from people making plans based on ignorance and superstition. So, I think that it is important that, for every person who contributes to dumbing down America by buying a ticket to this movie, it is important that somebody, somewhere, purchase an offset "Truth Ticket", and send it to the National Center for Science Education, which is involved in countering the malicious and pernicious effects of those behind the movie "Expelled".
I would also suggest being able to articulate concisely to people why Intelligent Design is stealth creationism. With the quickest route being to point out the Wedge Document and the fact that the Of Pandas and People Intelligent Design text was originally a creationist text, but after the Supreme Court ruled against teaching creationism in biology the book's editors simply went through the book and replaced mentions of "creation" with "intelligent design."

Of course, you might also want to be familiar with the reasons that IDCreationism is not science. And if you do know someone interested in seeing Expelled you might suggest as a (free) alternative watching the on-line version of that award winning Nova special Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial.

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