Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hypocrisy Watch


That's reportedly what conservative movement impresario Grover Norquist describes himself as. Now, can you imagine what the Republican Noise Machine would do if some Democratic mover and shaker was a self-described "Environmental-Leninist" or some such?

Also, when Norquist first came to Washington D.C. his first thought was to compare it to Nazi Germany.

As he drove into the nation's capital after his graduation, Grover was sickened by the sight of the imposing federal buildings, by the very idea that bureaucrats had forcibly taken money from the people to build those marble halls. "Neo-American fascism," he called blocks of federal buildings, "stuff that looks like Albert Speer designed it."

And recall that Norquist believes that the principle underlying the estate tax is the same that caused the Holocaust.

Of course, if someone that is going to play a prominent role in setting the agenda of the Democratic presidential candidate (as Norquist did with Bush and will likely do with McCain) compared D.C. to Nazi Germany, called some policy favored by movement conservatives a road to the Holocaust and described his/her-self as some kind of Leninist we know that Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin and then the mainstream media would ignore it. Right?

Cause, you know, Norquist actually plays a central role in the way that this country is governed. Where as William Ayers is little more than someone that Obama has been cordial with. And we know which story the press considers important.

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