Monday, April 07, 2008

An observation

As I sit staring at the latest column of neoconservative propaganda masquerading as opinion from William Kristol in the New York Times, it's hard not to observe how narrow and restricted the range of American political discourse is. Here we have what is the most demonized paper in the world of the conservative movement giving space to one of the most ideological leaders of that conservative movement despite his very serious credibility problems. And yet it is unthinkable that the Times would employ someone who is the ideological equivalent of Kristol but not from the conservative movement - can you imagine Noam Chomsky or Howard Zinn in the pages of the paper?

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Anonymous said...

The US political center is wwwwaaayyyyy to the right of a normal center, so this is not surprising at all.

Besides, since conservative republicans are supposed to be blathering idiots, and extremists, it is okay for them to be extremists. On the other hand, Democrats are supposed to be Ivy school polished gentle guys, so a slight deviation from that makes them far worse than a rabid conservative behaving like a rabid conservative.

Which is why Obama cannot associate with Wright, but McCain can court Hagee.