Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Liberal Media news anchor Brian Williams nominates the most vapid, substance free pundit in America for a Pulitzer for doing the same thing that she does every single time there is an election: question the character of the Democrat based upon a stereotypical narrative, praise the Republican candidate's character based upon a stereotypical narrative.* It's the same script over and over for Peggy Noonan, who writes columns not based on intellectual considerations but on how she feels about candidates or issues. And it just so happens that she feels that the Republican is awesome and the Democrat is lame.

If she did write columns based upon substance she might not have cited the infamously anti-Semitic personal hero of Adolf Hitler - Henry Ford - as an American to get "misty eyed" about.

I must confess I'm not surprised, however, given that Williams is a big fan of America's #1 demagogic propagandist Rush Limbaugh.

*You'll notice in her column that she gives some slight praise to Hillary Clinton. It's a rhetorical device to make the bashing of Obama stand out more.

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