Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ten T-Warriors win another battle for Christmas ...

... by physically assaulting four Jewish men who wished them Happy Chanukah on a subway train. What were those stinking Jews thinking? Don't they know this is a Christian nation? How dare they rub "Hanukkah ... the day that the Jews killed Jesus" in these brave T-Warriors' faces.

Of course, we don't condone physical assault, but when Christians are being brutally persecuted by being wished Happy Holidays or Happy Chanukah, it's understandable that they lash out. It's kinda like when Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn said that he understands why people kill judges.

Now, that I think of it ... it reminds me of the way a Muslim fanatic I talked to told me it was understandable that Theo Van Gogh was killed.

What say you, General O'Reilly? T-Warriors can't make an omellette without breaking a few eggs?

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