Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Texas Sen. Cornyn rationalizes judicial violence

Two days ago Sen. Cornyn commented that recent violence against judges was a response to judicial activists, aka judges who make decisions that conflict with the wishes of conservative theocrats. Cornyn's comments are simply disgusting. He has attempted to exploit the tragic death of judges in Atlanta and Chicago, whom were killed for reasons that were clearly not related to judicial "activism," in order to further promulgate anti-judiciary sentiment.

On the same day, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson called for the impeachment of Supreme Court justices and similarly distorted the truth to attack the judiciary.

EDIT - Reflecting on this post I think I should make something clear. Although Tom Delay and John Cornyn can be classified as theocrats, and the charge of activism is relegated mostly to fundamentalist issues, not all politicans who use the phrase "judicial activists" are themselves theocrats. Judges that have made decisions unfavorable to industry, business, or administration have also been labeled activists. Basically, the term has been used to attack any court that makes a decision that the person making the charge of activism finds unsavory.

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