Monday, December 17, 2007

No more excuses

I recall hearing some lamentation from some pundits that the Daily Show tends to make people cynical. If you can read something like this and not be cynical, I submit that there might be something wrong with you.

Once again our country's most basic principles of liberty - as enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights - have been betrayed by the Democratic leadership's shell game of pretending to oppose President Bush's assault on democracy.

Senator Dodd deserves every bit of support for his Sisyphean effort to prevent the contemptible and cowardly Vichy Democrats from helping President Bush and the conservative movement turn America into a banana republic.

Update: Help Senator Chris Dodd defend the Constitution. It is a sad irony that the candidate who is willing to suspend his campaign to prevent the retroactive legalization of criminal activity has zero chance of becoming the nominee. Acting presidential on the campaign trail is apparently more important than actually taking a leadership role and being presidential.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Hume's Ghost! I used to come by here fairly regularly, got away from blogging, have gotten back in, and just stumbled across this post while wasting time ego-googling the name of my blog, VichyDems, partly to see how widely the term "Vichy" has spread since I started in early '06. (I didn't invent it, but there were something like 20 Google hits on it when I named my blog.)

Then I got the bright idea of blogwhoring to (I mean, building a community with) the folks who are, like me, concerned about the tendency of so many Dems (even post-Congressional-takeover) to act like vertebrates. I'm going to bookmark everyone who seems concerned about this issue, try to get some regular communications going, and hopefully create a community that can take action sometimes (for instance, when there's a Vichy Dem being opposed by a progressive Dem in a Congressional primary).

Right now I'm heavily focused on the Presidential campaign, and backing Obama (which may alienate some people) -- but hopefully that will be over soon and I can get back to more grassroots organization.

If you're interested in being part of this community, and in my bookmarks/lister/anti-vichy blogroll, would you please shoot me an email at vichy at

Thanks -- nice to see you again --

T.D. Scott