Thursday, December 13, 2007

Through the rabbit hole

I was listening to the FM radio while driving yesterday and an advertisement came on for a button that read "I don't mind being wished Merry Christmas," itself part of some larger wish me a Merry Christmas campaign or something. I honestly had to question my sanity at the moment: was I having an auditory hallucination?

Who are these lunatics who walk around feeling persecuted, who believe that saying Merry Christmas is an act of civil disobediance and a fuck you to the evil S-Ps that Bill O'Reilly hates so much? In the past I would consider it wrong to pejoratively describe such people as "lunatics" but at a time when the United States Congress just passed a resolution calling me a second class citizen, I've lost about all my patience for the Christians among us who suffer from sort of persecution complex pathology.

You want to talk persecution? Lets weigh on the scales of justice being wished Happy Holidays by the Wal-Mart bag boy versus having your kid taken away from you because you're not a Christian or becaue you're not Christian enough.

And if you didn't know better, wouldn't you swear this was parody? Shit, since Bill O'Reilly single-handedly saved Christmas and thus the Christian faith, we're gonna have to have some kind of national holiday honoring his memory. He is to Christians what MLK was to blacks.

Welcome to WonderLand. I think I see the Hatter approaching for tea...

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