Friday, May 25, 2007

The circle of hate

It didn't take long for someone to come along and prove the point that I made in the post I wrote recently about Hamas teaching children to be racist jihadists being a crime against humanity because it can only serve to make the world a more hate filled place and increases the likelihood that Palestinian children will in turn become the target of someone else's hate.

So here we see Pamela of Atlas Shrugs (previously the winner of the Unhuman quote of the day) calling for Israel to begin a genocidal carpet bombing campaign in the Gaza strip because "you must destroy the enemy" and "all is fair in love and war and these barbarians mean to kill us all." Please note that Pam has defined "enemy" to be every resident in the Gaza strip, including children. Now, you might be inclined to say that Pam's genocidal zeal sounds reminiscent of German fascism and if so, it's worth pointing out that Pam before she started her blog was a regular commenter at Little Green Footballs (click here to see other L.G.F. commenters sounding indistinguishable from "late German fascists") and is a huge fan of the blog's owner Charles Johnson.

But that's beside the point. Both Pam and Hamas are caught in the circle of hate, which is why the only solution that they can see is for the total elimination of the target of their respective hate. Both sides feed each other ... Pam cites Hamas calling for the end of Israel as justification for genocide, and Hamas can cite people like Pam as justification for the same.

And we can also consider how the passing of hate from one generation to the next plays into this. How many of the terrorists who are launching the rocket attacks into Israel that have led Pam to decide that genocide is the only recourse for Israel were themselves brainwashed into becoming vehicles of hate when they were children?

The circle of hate can not be broken by fanatics like Hamas or Pam. The circle of hate can only be broken by rational Israelis and rational Palestinians who recognize that they have a common enemy in anyone who advocates hatred and violence targeted at civilians. It is these people who stand to become the "collateral damage" of those who drink from the cup of Hatred and Wrath.

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the circle of hate will be broken?

Not while one side has no hope of a materially better future.

It's a mess over there, and I don't propose to solve it. But we have to keep preaching tolerance and love.

Emmanuel Goldstein