Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What he said

Christopher Hitchens on Jerry Fallwell.

Edit - One point I disagree on with Hitchens, however, is where Hitchens says that Fallwell wasn't really a believer. I've never seen any evidence that would suggest that Fallwell doesn't believe the things he says.

Edit 2 - Another thing in the video that Hitchens said didn't quite sit well with me either, and that was where he said that he wasn't sure Fallwell was successful at mobilizing evangelicals in politics. This post from Mrs. Robinson addresses the role that Fallwell played in the rise of the Religious Right.


steeplebob said...

that is perhaps the most coherent thing I've seen from Hitchens.

Sheldon said...

Also he seemed to give to much credit to Falwell for shaping the direction of recent mideast history. That was my impression anyway.