Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who said it? A Nazi or a commenter from Little Green Footballs?

Via commenter L.W.M. at Greenwald's blog, take the:

Little Green Footballs? Or Late German Fascist? (Quiz)

I scored 85% (missed 2 out of 14).

So the next time you flip to Fox News or the AM radio and you hear some pundit hysterically (and untruthfully) pontificating about the "hateful" comments that are supposedly prevalent at sites such as Daily Kos or the Huffington Post, stop for a moment and ponder if the comments cited by these pundits remotely compares to the level of disgusting eliminationist racist hate displayed by the commenters from L.G.F in that quiz.

Edit - And I should point out, Michelle Malkin - an individual who has centered her career around asserting that "the left" is unhinged and that "conservatives zealously police their own ranks for extremism" - frequently links approvingly to L.G.F., has L.G.F. in her blogroll, and has promoted L.G.F. during her appearances on Fox News.

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