Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bill O'reilly hands Sarkozy French election

As a consequence of conservative candidate Nicolas Sarkozy winning the election for France's next president, Bill O'Reilly has declared an end to his boycott of France. Being the modest and humble individual that O'Reilly is, he did not state what is obvious, and that his boycott which had cost the nation billions of dollars of revenue is what caused the people of France to choose a candidate they knew that Bill O'Reilly would be more likely to approve of.

Now, I think we should take a moment and really praise O'Reilly for not taking this opportunity to rub the success of the boycott in the faces of his Soros funded and mind-controlled S-P enemies who no doubt were opposed to the election of the Sarkozy, and were probably engaging in some S-P global manipulation efforts to thwart the election. Heck, the violent protesters that came out after the election ... they were probably Soros funded S-Ps too.

On a more serious note, there have been complaints about the reliability of the eletronic voting system that was used in the election. Given that similar complaints that arise about our own e-voting system get little press coverage (even after a GAO report found that there were significant flaws in the system), it's not surprise that this would escape the attention of the press.

For an analysis of what Sarkozy's win means for France, see this article at The Economist (you may need to go through their Site Pass to be able to access it.)


Sheldon said...

Thought you would be interested in this link here.

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I wrote a post about it here.