Monday, June 26, 2006

Zimbabwe on Frontline/World

This Tuesday Frontline/World will be airing Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies in which:

FRONTLINE/World goes undercover in Zimbabwe to reveal what has happened to a country once regarded as a beacon of democracy and prosperity in Africa. Posing as tourists, reporter Alexis Bloom and producer Cassandra Herrman find a population struggling with hunger and poverty, and living in fear of a government that has become a brutal dictatorship.
That brutal dictator is Robert Mugabe, who stole Zimbabwe's last election with the hopes of rewriting the nation's constitution to allow him to choose a dictator to succeed him, so that he can continue his ruin of the nation from beyond the grave. A ruin which includes years of succesive food crisis, the nation's residents having the world's shortest lifespan, demolishing homes and businesses leaving over 700,000 homeless or without jobs, arresting 30,000 in a 3 week demolition campaign, and an inflation rate projected to reach 1000% next year.

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