Monday, June 12, 2006

The anti-torture memos

A compilation of papers on the legal issues surrounding torture and interrogation. (h/t The Disenchanted Idealist)

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Disenchanted Dave said...

Thanks for posting the link.

A few of my "favorite" posts are:

Jack Balkin

Jack Summary of the administration's position (based on an article by David Luban)

Why Evidence Obtained From Torture Should Never Be Admissible

Our Legal and Political Culture

Balkin also linked to this hilarious and scary document (.pdf)

A very thoughtful post on the dangers of presidential signing statements

a nice evisceration of Judge Posner's argument for wiretapping

A perfect translation of what Gonzales says

a thoughtful post on separation of powers and party loyalty

A very funny "memo" defending Cheney's authority to make the decision to shoot Harry Whittington in the face

Awesome DOJ "memo" explaining why Bush's new powers make the flag burning amendment unnecessary

Marty Lederman

Four part analysis of the Torture Memos

Must-read piece on abuse at Gitmo and the government's response (this is the piece that made me a regular Balkinization reader)

Must-read article on Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions

Sourced answers that demolish several administration talking points.

Four-part analysis of the McCain Amendment banning torture the associated amendments, and their implications

Must-read article on how torture policies were forced on the Pentagon from above and a link to a must-read article on Alberto Mora, who may one day be remembered as one of the most important heroes of this era.

David Luban
David Luban's must-read piece on the Hamdan case

Must-read article on the state secrets privilege

Spectacular piece on the administration's "asymetrical war" against reality"

Sandy Levinson
Judge Alito and Executive Power

I'm sure I missed some great ones, either because I didn't recognize the title or forgot about them, but I hope people spread all of these around.