Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cool site of the day

Seed magazine's Science Blogs

This is a host site host for a collection of the best scientific blogs on the internet. With a diverse range of science bloggers, covering all sorts of issues, there's always something interesting to be found by browsing the main page. The site also serves an important service at a time when science is under attack from various cultural forces and scientific literacy is abysmal, which I will let the site explain for itself, from their About Page

ScienceBlogs was created by Seed Media Group. Our mission is to change the way the world sees science from a separate island on the periphery of culture to the central driver of our times. We believe that science literacy is necessary for all modern societies. At a time when public interest in science is high but public understanding of science remains weak, we have set out to create media and entertainment products to improve science literacy and to advance our science culture.
The following blogs from the index are ones that I visit on a regular basis:

Dispatches from the Culture Wars
Framing Science
The Loom
The Intersection

Check 'em out, see what you think.

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