Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Something rotten redux

In a discussion elsewhere I posted another version of my something rotten blog entry which I believe has a better narrative function. So here it is (tweaked):

Joe Allbaugh serves as Bush advisor and chief of staff during his run as gov. of Texas. Serves as national campaign manager during the 2000 campaign. Gets appointed to the head of FEMA. While there hires on his friend Mike Brown, who, like Allbaugh, has no experience in disaster related coordination.

Allbaugh steps down (shortly before the invasion of Iraq) from FEMA, Brown replaces him in the top slot.

Allbaugh starts two consulting companies - one is domestic and advises how to get gov't contracts (including FEMA contracts) and the other advises on how to get Iraq reconstruction contracts. This March he also becomes a lobbyist for Halliburton, who already has a contract for reconstruction in Louisiana and Mississippi.

His wife, Diane Allbaugh, worked as a lobbyist for three Texas energy companies, one of which, Reliant, I think, participated in Cheney secret energy task force meetings, and has been linked to the California energy crisis. Joe Allbaugh, as head of FEMA, was privvy to inside information on both national energy policy and the situation in California.

Diane also serves as an advisor to Barbour, Griffith, and Rogers, the Republican lobbying firm founded by Haley Barbour, the current gov. of Mississippi. Joe Allbaugh's Iraq consulting firm, New Bridge Strategies, appears to be a morphed version of BGR, with Griffith, Rogers, and International director Richard Burt all being in chief executive positions at New Bridge Strategies.

Lanny Griffith, one of the three partners of BGR, is a Bush 43 '"pioneer," having raised over 100,000 dollars for his campaign and previously served in the Bush 41 administration.

Ed Rogers, the third of the three partners of BGR and a former employee of the Bush 41 and Reagan administrations, also started up Diligence, LLC, which is another company involved with reconstruction in Iraq. Joe Allbaugh is the deputy chairman.

Neil Bush, GW's brother, gets 60,000 dollars a year from John Howland, president of New Bridge Strategies, for serving as a consultant for the Crest Investment Company to "aid in the procurement of contracts for companies seeking to do business in Iraq."

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