Saturday, September 10, 2005

Project Censored 2006

Sonoma State University has just released it's 2006 edition of Project Censored and the top 25 censored stories of the past year are now up on their website. As usual, they've done an excellent job of highlighting important issues that did not receive the media attention they deserve.

And it turns out I was right about my prediction that one of the top stories would be about alleged vote fraud in the 2004 election: it came in as the number 3 story.

The number one story is something that I just covered a few days ago, the decline of the open society under the Bush administration. I'm absolutely disgusted that such a serious issue can go undiscussed in this country.

Looking at the list, I'm surprised to see so many stories that I was completely unaware of. I spend a good bit of time checking numerous news sources, from across the political spectrum, and yet many of these completely escaped my notice. Once again Sonoma State University has demostrated the poverty of the mainstream media in this country.

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