Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Have a hero killed on your watch, get a promotion

I come back from out of town and I see this about the investigation into Pat Tillman's death. Tillman was the NFL star who gave up a multimillion dollar contract to serve in Afghanistan and who died as a result of "friendly" fire. Exploiting his death to raise support for the war in Iraq and covering up the nature of his death was bad enough, but this takes it to another level:

The regiment’s commander, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bailey, was promoted to colonel two months after the incident, and Saunders, who a source said received a reprimand, later was given authority to determine the punishment of those below him.


gawker said...

I wonder if Ann Coulter and the other nutjobs who praised Tillman when he was killed would still continue to praise him now that he has been uncovered as a Bush-hater.

Hume's Ghost said...

Check Crooks and Liars. She doesn't believe it.

gawker said...

Man, its become so predictable it aint fun anymore.