Friday, September 09, 2005

Chris Hitchens vs. Juan Cole on Iraq

As you can see from the links section, I'm fond of the writings of Christopher Hitchens. He's a fellow humanist, an excellent wit, can write and speak eloquently ... all traits that I admire and respect.

Which is partly why reading some of what Chris has been writing about Iraq has grown increasingly painful for me. The quality of his arguments seem to have suffered as he struggles to justify a war that despite his best wishes simply is not going as well as he would have hoped it would. Some of his writing, such as his defense of neoconservate foreign policy and apologetics for Islam Karimov I find to be baffling, especially so when coming from a man who has spent a good portion of his adult life trying to have Henry Kissinger brought to trial.

But enough with context, Chris's latest piece defending the war can be read here. And Juan Cole, who expresses sentiments similar to mine, offers a rebuttal here.

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