Thursday, February 19, 2009

White nationalists voice their approval of racist New York Post cartoon

The New York Post has run a cartoon depicting two white police officers having shot and killed a monkey, with one of the officers stating, "They will have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill." The cartoon "was juxtaposed with a picture of President Obama signing the bill."

I find it somewhat staggering that this was published, even in Rupert Murdoch's Post. We have a paper running a racist cartoon which fantasizes about killing the president. Unbelievable.

I guessed that the Stormfront white nationalist crowd would be thrilled by the cartoon. They were.

- The cartoon in today's New York Post is very good! It is almost as effective as many of those created by `A. Wyatt Mann', Tom Metzger's incredible cartoonist in the relatively old `White Aryan Resistance' newspaper in the 90s.

- You might be a White Nationalist if:
1) You laughed at that cartoon.
2) You laughed harder at [Al Sharpton's] outrage.
3) You're only mad because you didn't think of it first.
4) You posted it on the office bulletin board.
5) You posted it on your black supervisor's door.
6) You copied it for Xmas cards.
7) You personally autographed a copy and sent it to your favorite black politician.
8)You only wonder what kind of ammo the cop was using.
9) You keep a copy in your wallet next to the kids' pics to show your friends.
10) You store it in in the ol' hard drive and repeatedly use it on Stormfront, (like the Heineken Looter Dude.)
How long before Ann Coulter tells us the cartoon reflects good old fashioned conservative values?

Update: From The Huffington Post

The mood inside the New York Post, it seems, is a mix of anger and bewilderment that the paper published a cartoon depicting the authors of the stimulus as a dead, crazed chimpanzee.

On Wednesday, an employee of the paper told the Huffington Post that the phone lines had been inundated with complaints over what was interpreted as a racially charged jab at Obama. "As they f--king should be," said the source.


armlee said...

It is not race but competence that this cartoon is taking a jab at, you politically correct fools! The only thing your idol is good at is being a poseur.

All this liberal outrage is showing are the double standards that the Democrats and their ilk are living by... When are you going to see that your emperor has no clothes?

When this country goes down the drain, we non-believers have only you blind followers to blame.

Anonymous said...

I must admit my outrage over this was slightly dampened when remembering the slew of cartoons depicting Bush as various forms of monkey.

Though at least the point of the depictions of Bush as monkey was aimed at a characteristic (i.e. intelligence or lack thereof) which ought to be relevant for the presidency, compared to skin colour, which isn't...

Hume's Ghost said...
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