Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things that are only true inside Sean Hannity's head

Yesterday I heard Sean Hannity on the radio saying that "liberals" want to shut down talk radio because it's the only place where "conservative" voices can be heard, and that you never hear "conservatives" in the New York Times or the Washington Post ("Washington Compost").


Um, William Kristol. Heard of him? Republican operative and one of the leading voices of neoconservatism; a key architect of the blow-up the Middle East to spread democracy Bush militarism. Was a New York Times op-ed writer, now is a Washington Post columnist.

John Yoo and John Bolton. Heard of them? They were firm believers that the President (when Republican) is not bound by any laws -foreign nor domestic - and that Congress can not constrain in any shape or form the monarchical powers of the president (when Republican.) The New York Times published an op-ed from them comically asserting it is time for Congress to check the powers of the President (now a Democrat.)

Yesterday the first site I checked when I went on-line was Unclaimed Territory. This is what I read

David Rivkin and Lee Casey are right-wing lawyers and former Reagan DOJ officials who, over the last eight years, have been extremely prolific in jointly defending Bush/Cheney theories of executive power. Today, they have one of their standard Op-Eds, this time in The Washington Post, demanding that there be no investigations or prosecutions of Bush officials.
This has been the first edition of Things That Are Only True Inside Sean Hannity's Head.


Friar Zero said...

A this rate you're going to need to change your site's subtitle to: "Listening to right-wing tripe so you don't have to".

Keep up the good work.

Hume's Ghost said...

Thing is I don't listen to it that much, as I can't stomach it for very long. With Hannity and Limbaugh you can pretty much tune it at any given moment and there's a good chance they're saying something untrue.

Sheldon said...

No HG you're wrong. This very same idea is also in the heads of just about every other right-wing talk show host, and O'Reilly. I think they have done a mind meld or something.