Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I get visitors

For the last week, my blog traffic has been slightly higher than usual. It's because I've been getting visitors directed here from Tom Metzger's Pan Aryan Insurgent News (PAIN) website. The site describes itself as "the voice of progressive [white] racism."

My post on the New York Post cartoon, showing two white police officers having killed a monkey while saying to each other that another monkey will have to write the stimulus bill next time, apparently, got the site's attention because of the thread I found at Stormfront which voices approval of the cartoon and compares it favorably to a cartoonist from Metzger's neo-nazi White Aryan Resistance (War) paper. Currently, on the front page I'm linked to with the tag "White Racists voice their approval of 'racist' New York Post cartoon. " Previously, I was linked (a little more than half way down) in an entry titled "Are you sending cartoons to the New York Post."

I took another look at the original Stormfront thread and found this comment: "The New York Post only needs to say that Obama didn't write the stimulus bill and that that monkey could represent any number of people in Congress and that any resemblance between the monkey and Obama is pure coincidence." That doesn't indicate that this was the intention of the cartoonist, but it does indicate that this is something that a racist trying to disseminate his views subversively would consider doing. And it also demonstrates the point I was attempting to make that the cartoon is irresponsible regardless of what the cartoonist's intentions were: it still remains a vehicle to transmit violent, racially charged imagery.

I also noticed a commenter telling the other commenters that the cartoon was clearly not a reference to Obama but merely mocking the stimulus bill.

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