Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not funny

Via Media Matters

"I want to send [Media Matters] a cake, but I want something to be inside the cake, and I might be put in prison if that happens." - Bill O'Reilly

Ok, here's a general rule: joking about killing or poisoning the groups or person that you routinely tell your "T-Warriors" to hate is not responsible behavior, nor is it behavior acceptable for a professional journalist, or for someone who claims to be one.

You never know who in your audience might actually thinking doing some "S-P" killing is a good idea. Case in point.


malcontent said...

Another fresh story to bring home the point here:

He was a right wing nut, living off a multimillion dollar a year trust fund and was trying to deploy a dirty bomb. His wife finally gathered the courage to stop his abuse of herself and their daughter by blowing him away with a gun. We all invariably have benefitted from this tragedy.

$5 says this won't be on our national teevee news.

Hume's Ghost said...

Thanks for the link, I hand't heard of that.