Saturday, January 05, 2008

Still no internet

Comcast, possbily motivated by the fear that I would get fed up with their service and move to a region of the country where I might find an alternative cable provider, failed to show up yesterday to fix the connection problem that has persisted for several months now. Nor did they call.

Supposedly they will come to work on it today.

Update: No show from Comcast on Saturday. Someone was supposed to come on Sunday. No show on Sunday, but the individual reported that no one was home (untrue.) Looking to switch to DSL later this week.


spocko said...

Good luck my friend. I chose to avoid them even when I could have a faster internet. I've heard too many of these kind of stories.

C2H50H said...


I've stuck with DSL for many years, and here are a couple of suggestions.

Ask for the lowest bit-rate you can tolerate (unless you want to pay more.) You'll spend a little time waiting, but you can get the cost way down. I have a 256Kbit/s connection, which is fine for almost everything -- it's not even advertised as being available, you have to ask for it.

If you have the option, turn down the ISP offered by the DSL provider and pick a good local ISP. The phone company won't like this, and you'll pay a little more, but you won't be stuck with MSN.

Paul Sunstone said...

Good luck with the upgrade, HG! I recently upgraded to DSL and have been quite happy with it.

Anonymous said...

I had similar situation with my Comcast repair in the past. It turns out that they hire contractors to fulfill many of these service calls and by claiming that you didn't answer the door, they are able to keep "the man" from getting medieval on their ass. $5 says that the kid they dispatched to your house doesn't work for Comcast directly.

FWIW, your signal level is probably marginal at best to the cable modem. Wherever the cable comes into the residence, make sure that there is a 2-way, 1gHz splitter with one output going directly to the cable modem. The rest of the devices can share the other half using another splitter if necessary. Only use quad shield cable with crimped ends too.

If the signal level is low enough, Comcast will install an amplifier to compensate.

Been there dude. Just remember, all telecom companies suck. Some just suck less than others.