Tuesday, January 29, 2008

At least he's consistent(ly wrong)

On the same night that Bill O'Reilly demanded an apology from John Edwards for having the audacity to correctly cite the number of homeless veterans in America, he took issue with the AP reporter who challenged Mitt Romney on the assertion that lobbyists are not running his campaign.

O'Reilly was completely dismissive, saying that Ron Kaufman was a Massachussets guy and not a Washington insider. Kaufman works for Dutko Worldwide, which is a Washington lobbying firm.

Additionally, the Boston Herald reports that Romney "has more than a dozen federally registered lobbyists raising money for him and several others advising his campaign."

So to recap: When Bill O'Reilly challenges a Democratic presidential candidate on an issue that candidate is correct about, Bill O'Reilly is owed an apology. When an AP reporter challenges a Republican presidential candidate on an issue he is being dishonest about, that AP reporter is out of line.

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