Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baleful quote of the day

"I truly believe Hillary Clinton is evil." - Neal Boortz, on his Jan. 29, 2008 radio show


This is lunacy. Both Edwards and Obama support universal health insurance ... what is it with the singular and obsessive Hillary hate? It makes no sense.

Clinton is the most conservative of the three. Her husband balanced the budget, saw the economy propsper, and reformed welfare. Are not those conservative goals? Heck, he even engaged in the sort of "we gotta bend the constitution to protect us" activities that Boortz now argues are vital to American security.

There is no rational basis for this kind of animus.

During the same segment, Boortz explained that he believes single women are going to vote into power the evil fascist socialist Hillary Clinton because they are biologically wired to want someone to take care of them. Since these women don't have a man to take care of them, they turn to the federal government he reasoned.

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