Friday, June 15, 2007

A sampling of Michael Savage's 8 million listeners ...

From ThinkProgress, the clip speaks for itself.

I beg to differ with the blogger at ThinkProgress, Matt, who writes "Michael Savage is obviously not responsible for the content of these emails."

Why is this obvious? Savage is not responsible in the sense that he did not physically send the emails, nor did he instruct the senders what to specifically write, but the tone of the emails is in keeping with the tone of Savage's show. Savage identified C-Span as facists and the modern day version of Hitler's brownshirts. Obviously, this is nothing but pure demonization, as "fascist" for Savage and his listeners has no meaning other than "evil", as evidenced by Savage conflating the insults of fascist and communist. Savage then sicked his mob of authoritarian (and apparently proto-pretty close to being actual fascist) listeners on C-Span and they released the same sort of invective on the station that they here from Savage on a daily basis. So in that sense he is responsible.

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