Friday, June 08, 2007

An open letter to Brit Hume

This past Monday Fox News managing editor Brit Hume did his part to help propagate global warming denial misinformation.

Island of Doubt science blogger James Hrynshyn has written Hume a response.

Dear Mr. Hume,

I doubt that you intended to further tarnish your already sullied reputation in the journalism community, but your failure to exercise even an infinitesimal measure of professional skepticism this past Monday during a climate change segment of your Fox News program "Special Report" has made you the laughingstock of the industry.

This may not trouble you on a personal level, so long has it been since you enjoyed even a modicum of respect from those who still exhibit some degree of concern for fairness, accuracy and responsible reporting in the news. But there are bigger issues at stake, specifically the biggest public policy challenge facing civilization in many decades, if not history itself. Furthermore, while I have no specific memory of the days in which you were allegedly a genuine journalist (I grew up in Canada where your early reports received little attention), I have to believe that there might still reside somewhere in your brain some small yearning for credibility. It is to that theoretical remnant that I address this note.

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