Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pyschiatrists caused the Holocaust

According to Scientologists.

In this link, Deborah Lipstadt, Professor of Holocaust Studies at the University of Emory, writes about BBC reporter John Sweeney who got into a shouting match with a Scientologist inside the "Mind Control" section of the Psychiatry: An Industry of Death museaum in L.A which asserts that psychiatrists are responsible for the Holocaust (and the rise of Nazi Germany). Lipstadt duly notes that this is a "soft-core" form of Holocaust denial that is despicable, not just because of its a misrepresentation of modern psychiatry, but because it whitewashes those who are truly responsible for the Holocaust.

Scientologists immediately rushed copies of the shouting match off for propaganda purposes, but of course they failed to mention that as soon as Sweeney began investigating Scientology he became a target of Scientology's "fair game" doctrine. As Sweeney explains

While making our BBC Panorama film "Scientology and Me" I have been shouted at, spied on, had my hotel invaded at midnight, denounced as a "bigot" by star Scientologists and been chased round the streets of Los Angeles by sinister strangers.

Back in Britain strangers have called on my neighbours, my mother-in-law's house and someone spied on my wedding and fled the moment he was challenged.
Sweeney also relates a wholly contemptible incident that should give just an idea of what the heart of Scientology is like

Take "Rosemary", who is an ordinary mum and lives in England. She had two children and one died. Her surviving daughter was also her best friend. Then her daughter joined Scientology and her mother saw less and less of her.

Almost two years ago she received a "disconnect" - a letter cutting her mother out of her life totally.

Rosemary received no Christmas cards, no birthday cards, no Mother's Day cards.
Rosemary said Scientology was a cult. It was one of the most moving and shocking interviews I have ever done.

Out of the blue, three hours after we left, her daughter came round for the first time in almost two years seeking a reconciliation. The next day she begged her mum not to use the interview. So we won't.
Rotten. Absolutely rotten.

Sweeney notes that the goal of Scientologists is the "'global obliteration' of psychiatry" because according to founder L. Ron Hubbard,"There is not one institutional psychiatrist alive who, by ordinary criminal law, could not be arraigned and convicted of extortion, mayhem and murder. Our files are full of evidence on them."

To get an idea of how nuts these folks are, check out the following ominous propaganda video produced by the Citizens Commision on Human Rights, a Scientology front organization dedicated to eliminating the discipline of psychiatry in order to prevent psychiatrists from achieving their long standing dream of world domination (seriously, I'm not making this up.)

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jenny said...

Thanks for leaving the link to the documentary. By all means I urge anyone who is concerned about the future to watch the DVD. There are also traveling CCHR exhibits, and seeing the exhibit live is an excellent idea.