Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Limbaugh 30 second rule

I've said before that you can turn to Rush Limbaugh's radio program randomly at any moment and he'll either be lying, or will tell a lie within 30 seconds. To date, I have yet to have this fail to happen.

Yesterday, I flipped to Limbaugh and immediately heard Rush saying that the wildfires that are currently raging are happening because "liberals" won't allow dead trees to be logged.

At first glance, that looks like one lie, but its actually two. There is an explicit lie - that liberals stand in the way of forrest fire prevention - and an implicit lie - that Bush's Healthy Forrest Iniative was about forrest fire prevention (see here, for example.)

Now technically, Rush probably isn't lying. He's bullshitting, which is worse.

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