Thursday, July 15, 2010

Open letter to one of the "worst of the worst"

Dear Mr. Odaini,

Gee wiz, we're sorry we stole eight years of your life from you - the prime of your youth - by putting you in prison and holding you there while denying you the basic human liberties that are supposed to be the bedrock principles of the nation and the basis of our legal system and what not; and we're gosh darn sorry that we conspired to keep you in prison even after we knew you should be released, but you have to admit, you do have a Muslim sounding name, and you were transfered into our Kafka-esque prison camp, which is your fault and not ours, but rest assured that we'll put this behind us by Looking Forward, Not Back, as we'll do for the other 75% of such persons who fell victim to America's extralegal prison camp. We are sure this will be a great comfort to you, to know that we will not think of this again, and to help us not think of it again, we will make an exception to our Looking Forward, Not Back motto, to persecute anyone who has the nerve to bring to our attention any other such perfidy. With a little bit of time, we'll be able to forgive you for getting yourself wrongfully locked up in Guantanamo all those years, giving people the silly notion that we're the sort of country that goes around locking up Muslims while denying them due process. Shoot, some of us will probably have already done you the favor of never even having heard of you, as is a habit with such matters.

You are welcome.

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malcontent said...

Tangentially related to this branch of our unique brand of exceptionalism, Mr. Taibbi drags our hero worship into question here

Thanks for sticking with the blogging. I, for one, appreciate your outrage.