Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Don't let ignorance stop you

Media Matters notes Michael Savage denigrating fire fighters, saying that because of unions we have too many firehouses, and need to consolidate them into single units that respond to large areas.

Anyone who knows anything about firefighting will find this laughable: the whole point of more units covering smaller areas is quicker response time, which is vital to mitigating a situation safely.

The rest of his rant is just juvenile. Yes, firefighters relax during their downtime at the station (when they're not busy training or going out in the community and providing public education/fire prevention services) - and they do workout while on shift - so that they are mentally and physically prepared to respond to a potentially life threatening situation at a moment's notice.

Unlike Savage, who sits on his ass for hours a day running his mouth about things he knows nothing about, firefighters may go from sitting around doing nothing to being fully geared out, breathing air and putting water on fire inside a burning structure in under five minutes.

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