Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Barbie O'Reilly strikes again

"Don’t make me cut your mic." - Megyn Kelly, the female version of Bill O'Reilly

Click the first link to see Fox News Democrat Kirsten Powers subject herself once again* to shrill rudeness from one of Fox's stable of perpetually angry, outraged and indignant conservafems for daring to disagree with them. Conservafems get very upset when their prop "liberal" doesn't stick to the narrative. Because they are so immersed in their hermetically sealed conservaverse that actual reality doesn't matter.

Lesson to be learned for any prospective Fox News "liberal": don't stand in the way of a Fox News pundit and their favorite pasttime - racebaiting.

*Powers previously received a veiled threat from Michelle Malkin for daring to point out that Ann Coulter calling John Edwards a "faggot" at the 2007 CPAC was not a sudden abberation but part of Coulter's history of such remarks. Malkin angrily warned Powers that she wasn't one that Powers should try to pick a "fight" with.

Update: Strike 2 for Kelly, this time with Fox News liberal Juan Williams.

Update II: Dave Weigel gets it about right.

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