Monday, March 29, 2010

Tracing Beck's intellectual lineage back to one of the most evil tracts in world history

Arthur Goldwag notes that you can draw a fairly straight line from Glenn Beck through his intellectual inspiration Cleon Skousen back to Boris Brasol, the man "who translated the [notoriously anti-Semitic hoax The] Protocols [of Zion] and brought them to America," where they were subsequently popularized by Beck's supposedly anti-fascist hero Henry Ford and went on to become part of the inspiration for the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

This is consistent with what I've been writing about how about the parallel thinking and evolving hate memes of the pseudo-conservative mind which have transformed "progressives" into the bogeyman that Jews once were.

Goldwag additionally observes that, "if Beck could connect Obama to Lenin’s State and Revolution or for that matter to Bill Ayer’s Teaching Toward Freedom as neatly as I just connected him to the Protocols, he wouldn’t mince any words about it." The point being that Beck would see how ridiculous it is to link him to anti-Semitism using such tactics, yet he is perfectly willing to use even shoddier reasoning to smear Obama as an avatar of American armageddon.

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