Friday, November 11, 2005

If I were Michelle Malkin

I found this quote at a forum discussion today

ACLU enemy within

They are the biggest barrier to decency and attack everything that is American. They are a communist organization and they are destroying this country. The defend terrorists, pedophiles, the one world government and get way too involved with the government. If I was President, they would have to be taken down. I seriously would round them up and put them in jail. It's actually legal you can do it under the sedition act. But rest assured that I wouldn’t do it with people that I just disagree with. They interfere with government time and time again and that is the main reason we couldn’t get the 9-11 terrorists because they defended them to the core.

It sounds drastic but it has to be done. Now I know I am going to get crucified for this but I see no other way. They completely hijacked our judicial system as you will see many judges side with the ACLU and are members. There is not much you can do except take extreme measures.
Now, if I were like Malkin I'd write a book alleging that conservatives are "unhinged" fascists. But I'm not, and I don't think that. See, unlike Michelle, I'm able to distinguish between a set of philosophical principles (conservatism in this case) and particular individuals with rude, ignorant, and/or hateful opinions.

For more on Malkin and her brand of "journalism" check out David Neiwert's posts on her (like this for example) over at his blog, Orcinus.


John Lombard said...

It’s a pretty incoherent harangue. The ACLU gets “way too involved with the government” but should be shut down because they “interfere with government time and time again”. And how has the ACLU stopped the United States from getting the 9/11 terrorists when they died in the attack? And if the ACLU is a communist organisation, it’s a communist organisation that regularly defends property owners from improper seizures. That's pretty funny behaviour for a communist organisation.

And, of course, they don’t defend terrorists for terrorism or paedophiles for paedophilia. The defending paedophiles comment refers to when a family sued NAMBLA over the murder of a 10-year-old boy because one of the killers had NAMBLA literature and had recently viewed their website and the ACLU represented the organisation. They said “For us, it is a fundamental First Amendment case… It has to do with communications on a website, and material that does not promote any kind of criminal behaviour whatsoever.”

When they say they hate the ACLU, what they mean is that they hate the constitution. It’s an admission that they don't like freedom and don't want others to have it.

John Lombard said...

Also -- if you were Michelle Malkin, they wouldn't let you on TV.