Monday, October 03, 2005

Killer's heart softened by God ... and crystal meth

From Salon

This week, with the release of her memoir, "Unlikely Angel," [Ashley] Smith admits that she earned [Brian] Nichols' confidence by offering him a dip into her stash of crystal methamphetamine. Nichols, Smith says in the book, didn't know what "ice" was, or how to take it. "You don't have to smoke it," she recalls telling him. "You can hot rail it or snort it." She cut it up for him herself, using a plastic supermarket card and a $20 bill. Smith didn't tell police investigators, or the media, about the meth until months later.

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John Lombard said...

I know, I know -- giving an unstable man who wanted marijuana to calm down METH. And then, she cuts it for him because he doesn't know how to take it. Arrrgggggghhhh.