Monday, October 03, 2005

Economic quote of the day

"If working people depend on the stock market for their pensions, health care, and other means of survival, they have a stake in undermining their own interests: opposing wage increases, health and safety regulations, and other measures that might cut into profits that flow to the benefactors on whom they must rely, in a manner reminiscent of feudalism." - Noam Chomsky, Hegemony or Survival


John Lombard said...

Are you just reading this now?

My favourite bit is where he cites *Christopher Hitchens* to argue that Clinton's bombing of the Sudan was worse than 9/11. Sheer chutzpha.

I had a laugh when I read Francis Wheen go after Chomsky for making this claim -- I thought "Well, you should go ask your friend Chris." (To be fair, Hitchens only claimed the Sudan bombing killed tens of thousands because he hated Clinton so much.)

Hume's Ghost said...

First time reading it all the way through.

I've spent a lot of days in the library where I pull down a stack of books and read sections of them at a time and/or look at sections relevant to things I'm interested in. This was one of those books for me.