Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Does no one care?

Allright, I understand that it's only been half a day (and it just became available online) but I'm a bit frustrated/dissapointed with the lack of talk around the internet on the FRONTLINE episode that aired last night. To my knowledge, it is the most comprehensive and contextual investigation into the Abu Ghraib incident that has been on television, and yet I can find barely anything on it. I am aware that the Plame investigation and the Miers confirmation are currently occupying most of the nation's attention, but the issue raised by the FRONTLINE investigation is one of the most important issues that we face as a nation - I would have expected this show to spark lively discussion and to provoke introspection, instead I'm hearing silence. I sincerely hope that I'm wrong, and this matter has not dropped from the nation's conscience.

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